Rowena’s Eclectic Mix of Whatever She Feels Like Writing About

I write stuff. Every single day, I write something, whether words in my WIP, something for the day job, a twitter hashtag prompt, an email to a friend, or a short story, the fingers make keyboard contact, type words that become sentences, that become paragraphs. Eventually, it will be a complete something. I reread, find I am satisfied (or dissatisfied), and send/post/submit, try again, or (worst case scenario) scrap it and start over.

Blog posts? Why so hard? My webpage has been live for months, with a prominent blog placeholder right here, yet I’ve blogged exactly not a thing.

Part of it is narrowing down what I want to post about. Romance and writing, mostly, I think, but sometimes, I may want to do something completely different. A story or a poem, or just whatever. I think I’m going to go with that format. So maybe I should call this blog Rowena’s Eclectic Mix of Whatever the Fuck She Feels Like Writing About. (Just renamed this blog post!)

Part of it is trying to come up with content that I think might be interesting or entertaining. On a consistent basis. Does anyone even read blogs?

Thanks for reading, and hey! please come back again, and see if I am doing better!

1 thought on “Rowena’s Eclectic Mix of Whatever She Feels Like Writing About”

  1. Hey Rowena,

    My take is that if people are interested in what you write about, they’re going to be interested in reading whatever you blog about…what topic caught your attention that day, a new site you found, a film you discovered; even every day, random shit can be fascinating. I’m working on my website at the moment and I’ll be in your shoes soon as far as blogging goes. I have no plans to make my blog posts exciting; I’ll be posting whatever’s on my mind. Self-consciousness is the enemy of every artist 🙂

    I wish you luck!

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