The Heart Could Forget

Eric was exactly what Sara needed. Nathan was what Sara wanted.

Single mother Sara is ensnared in an impossible love triangle in this hot, lusty Chicklit novel. Sweet, sexy Eric, and equally sexy, though far less sweet Nathan, both seduce her in a tale of love and betrayal, passion and heartbreak, set against the backdrop of a corrupt city.

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Ingénue – Coming soon!

A collection of sexy, fun, and erotic stories, about love and lust, and hot, sexy guys. Some of the content previously appeared on my webpage, some is brand spanking new! This edition also contains the (finally!) conclusion to my reluctant sub story.

Between the Heart and the Shadows

A vibrant, middle aged heroine is living her happily ever after with her young husband until tragedy shakes the foundation of their marriage. Attempting to salvage her self-esteem and her marriage, Claire finds herself instead, on a path of illicit sex and degradation.

Contemporary women’s fiction, with a strong romantic arc. I am querying this novel now, and hopeful to share it soon!

Release date TBD

WIP – An as Yet Untitled Time Travel Romance