Rowena Tisdale – The Sultry Scribe

My writing incorporates a certain level of romance and heat. I frequently tweet to the hashtag prompts on twitter. One day, a twitter friend (@zacharygeoffroy – you should follow him) dubbed me The Sultry Scribe. I was flattered, but the more I thought about it, the more it felt right – an apt description of the words I weave. I fell in love with the moniker, and adopted it as my own.

What I write

I write love stories. The genre and style vary, because for me, love does not like to be constrained in a neat little category. My first book is chick-lit. The second, while technically a romance, doesn’t feel like it fits into that niche. We’ll see! My third novel, which I am working on now, is historical fiction, but the driving story is a romance.

My heroines are not shy, shrinking violets. The tend to be a bit more mature than the young women you find in traditional romances, and have already faced some of the struggles that make them stronger and more self-confident. My male characters are often off-put by my female leads, but they learn to deal with them on the defined terms.

Why I write

Why do I write romance? Because I love love! Vibrant women, sexy men, hearts, flowers, heat, and heartbreak. I simply adore all the facets of a couple’s story. I fall in love with my characters, and they reward me by letting me tell their tale. The proverbial “win/win.”

Biographical stuff

People in my professional life would be surprised to learn that I am a stealth romance writer. I work in a STEM field, so soft and fluffy does not come up in conversation often. I grew up reading romance and chick-lit, though, and I still love it. I have not been as fortunate as my heroines, and while I’ve had my share of romance (and still often do), none has been of the lasting forever variety. I am a single mother, and live my own version of happily ever after for the time being.