The Heart Could Forget
Sara Broussard is a single mother facing an empty nest. Content, if not blissfully happy, she is not looking for love. Her past has hardened her to the whispered sweet nothings of any man that attempts to seduce her. That changes when she meets Eric Leland, a smart, successful journalist, a sexy, playful, bad boy.
Eric is every woman’s fantasy. He can have any woman he wants, and he often does. He is bemused by the friendly, but unequivocal “no thank you,” he receives from Sara when he turns on his, until now, infallible charm. Unaccustomed to being turned down, Eric sets out to bed the tenacious Sara. What begins as an entertaining challenge quickly turns into something more as Eric’s uncompromising pursuit becomes a quest to win the heart of the woman who has captivated him.
Can a love so sweet and tender last?
Nathan Remington, a ruthless politician, is every woman’s darker, secret fantasy. Arrogant and dynamic, he is a man that takes what he wants, and what he wants is Sara. From their first passionate encounter, she cannot deny the sensuality Nathan awakens in her. Her sexual naiveté leaves her completely unprepared for the wicked eroticism he excites in her. Unable to resist her own physical response to his demanding love making, she becomes his willing mistress and pampered plaything. Risking all, her happiness, her self-respect, even her family and friends, Sara yields to her domineering lover.
Set against the backdrop of a corrupt city, Sara learns harsh lessons about love and lust as she is swept up in a journey of emotion and self-discovery. Torn between her love of these two men, will she choose Eric, who offers her everything – love, stability, and a future? Or will it be Nathan, who offers nothing, but has inflamed in Sara a primitive passion that only he can satisfy?

Between the Heart and the Shadows
I had been hard at work on a sequel to my first novel when something unexpected happened. A new couple, Claire and Aaron, dropped in to my imagination, and demanded that their story be told. They were quite insistent, and I could not convince them to wait their turn.
So, I veered onto another road – a quiet a cul-de-sac in a distinctly upper class neighborhood in Ann Arbor. Claire and Aaron Delecroix live in a beautiful house on the tree-lined street. It seems they have everything – love, success, family and friends.
Claire is a middle-aged woman, and she loves her much younger husband passionately and deeply. Aaron returns her love with steady devotion and tender regard – he wants only for her to be happy. A perfect couple …
Yet it seems that things are not as idyllic in the Delecroix home as they appear on the surface. What happens there, when the curtains are drawn? What drives Claire to seek fulfillment elsewhere?
I was compelled to find out, as Claire refused be silenced. I wrote everything down as I followed her through a byzantine labyrinth of love and betrayal, lies and broken promises, and ultimately, redemption, and a triumph of sorts, of the heart.
As Yet Untitled
An historical romance set in 17th century France.